The-Lab Milano

Innovation and style.

It is a product line with traditional recipes adapted to market evolutions. A range that meets the public’s tastes thanks to well-balanced textures and an innovative presence of crunchy chocolate. No emulsifiers, reduced sugar and fat content, clean-label ( clear and well-paginated information).

Cacao Fondente

Dessert ricotta mousse with cocoa topping with 15% dark chocolate and cocoa cookies

Amaretti & Caramello

Dessert ricotta mousse with amaretto. Caramel topping and amaretto cookie base.

Tropical Mango

Dessert ricotta mousse with sponge cake and mango pineapple salsa topping

Ciocco Nocciolato

Ricotta cheese dessert, ricotta and hazelnut mousse, cookie crumble and cioccoalto topping with hazelnut crumbs


Ricotta cheese dessert with 3.7% pistachio and 15% crunchy chocolate topping

Ciocco Bosco

Dessert ricotta and chocolate mousse, mixed berry topping and cocoa cookies

Caramel Bomb

Dessert ricotta and chocolate mousse, caramel sauce topping and cocoa cookies

Premium Quality

Italian ground eggs, belgian chocolate, fruit purees and dried fruits for flavoring, ricotta cheese, milk, butter and cream.

Handcrafted look

Layers are intentionally irregular due to slow and careful manufacturing.

Natural ingredients

We avoid the use of chemical elements

No animal jelly or isinglass

We are respectful of religions and animals

Green Philosophy

We do not use palm oil. We use recyclable or reusable containers made of glass and paper


No flavorings, no colorings, no preservatives, no palm oil, no jellies, no monodiglycerides of fatty acids.