The art of coffee.

Segafredo-Zanetti was the first Italian company to support Italian coffee in the world, it did it with project that changed coffee consumption worldwide, from a product consumed by filter to Italian Espresso coffee, from a drink to a pleasure break, an all-Italian value. Combining desserts with coffee has always been our idea, sour and strong with sweet and delicate, always a pleasant result. Our desserts are leisure breaks, an all-Italian value. Our choice when we tested the coffees to match was to use Segafredo Zanetti quality coffee. We are a small company but Segafredo Zanetti after testing our products enthusiastically granted the possibility to match their brand. In our coffee desserts you will always find only Segafredo Zanetti coffee, a guarantee of quality and tradition, a guarantee of a true pleasure break, the pleasure that is an Italian valor.

Ciocco Espresso

Dessert ricotta mousse with Segafredo Zanetti coffee, with crunchy dark chocolate topping

Il Cappuccino

Dessert ricotta mousse with Segafredo Zanetti coffee and cocoa powder

Tiramisù Treviso

Dessert ricotta mousse with savoiardi biscuits soaked in Segafredo Zanetti coffee with mascarpone cream and cocoa powder

Amaretti Caffè

Dessert ricotta mousse with Segafredo Zanetti coffee, caramel variegated and amaretti crumbs.

Premium Quality

Italian ground eggs, belgian chocolate, fruit purees and dried fruits for flavoring, ricotta cheese, milk, butter and cream.

Handcrafted look

Layers are intentionally irregular due to slow and careful manufacturing.

Natural ingredients

We avoid the use of chemical elements

No animal jelly or isinglass

We are respectful of religions and animals

Green Philosophy

We do not use palm oil. We use recyclable or reusable containers made of glass and paper


No flavorings, no colorings, no preservatives, no palm oil, no jellies, no monodiglycerides of fatty acids.