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Officina del Dolce

Tradition and semplicity

In this line, we have introduced simple recipes while maintaining high quality and high taste and offering unique competitiveness. It is often the brand of acquaintance that new customers choose before moving on to other Private Label or Co-Branding options.

Amaretti & Caramello

Ricotta mousse dessert, salted caramel base and amaretto grain topping


Ricotta and coffee mousse dessert with dark chocolate topping

Cocco n.6

Ricotta mousse and coconut fat dessert, biscuit with coconut topping

Gianduia & Lampone

Ricotta and gianduja mousse dessert, biscuit crumble and raspberry topping

Nocciola & Cioccolato

Ricotta and hazelnut mousse dessert, biscuit crumble and chocolate topping with hazelnut crumbs

Tropical Mango

Ricotta mousse dessert with sponge cake and mango-pineapple sauce covering

Hot Ciock Fondent

Ricotta and cocoa mousse dessert, dark chocolate ganash topping with chocolate chips

Soufflè Cioccolato Bianco

Cocoa cake with soft white chocolate cream filling

Fondant Soufflé

Dark cocoa cake with soft dark chocolate cream filling

Premium Quality

Italian ground eggs, belgian chocolate, fruit purees and dried fruits for flavoring, ricotta cheese, milk, butter and cream.

Handcrafted look

Layers are intentionally irregular due to slow and careful manufacturing.

Natural ingredients

We avoid the use of chemical elements

No animal jelly or isinglass

We are respectful of religions and animals

Green Philosophy

We do not use palm oil. We use recyclable or reusable containers made of glass and paper


No flavorings, no colorings, no preservatives, no palm oil, no jellies, no monodiglycerides of fatty acids.