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The-Lab Milano, our story.

For years I have been working in the food & beverage market with the mission of exporting quality Italian products to the world. In 2013 a client of mine asked me to create an innovative Italian dessert. It was supposed to be one of many projects to work on, instead it was the beginning for a passion that led me in a short time to create The-Lab Milano project, creative Italian desserts.

The-Lab Milano desserts are “premium” because customers recognize it to us. They are premium because in addition to promising quality, with handcrafted but premium packaging, they fulfill the promise with genuine, authentic flavors. These principles and creativity are the recognizable elements of The-Lab Milano.

The principles and creativity have become a successful product thanks to the production capacity and great expertise, passion, care and enthusiasm that we have always put into our projects.

The adventure has begun, the machine has started, this means that we are pouring every energy to go a long way, maybe together with you!

Long live Italian quality and long live Italy. Sorry for the others, we are the best we can’t do anything about it.

Premium Quality

Italian ground eggs, belgian chocolate, fruit purees and dried fruits for flavoring, ricotta cheese, milk, butter and cream.

Handcrafted look

Layers are intentionally irregular due to slow and careful manufacturing.

Natural ingredients

We avoid the use of chemical elements

No animal jelly or isinglass

We are respectful of religions and animals

Green Philosophy

We do not use palm oil. We use recyclable or reusable containers made of glass and paper


No flavorings, no colorings, no preservatives, no palm oil, no jellies, no monodiglycerides of fatty acids.