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Born from a small Italian
artisan workshop.

Today our products are distributed in Europe, Asia and Oceania.

The-Lab Milano was born in an artisan laboratory. From the beginning, the passion in the choice of raw materials and processing technology allowed us to prepare innovative high quality desserts. Over time the project grew and with it the ideas and the desire to create new products every day. Today we are an important Italian confectionery company and range across multiple product assortments, dry pastries, single-portion desserts and ice cream. All our items are produced in IFS, BRC certified plants to give customers and consumers the certainty of quality production processes. We can produce certifying bio-organic, kosher, Ḥalāl, vegetarian products. We have developed relationships with major brands for supplying their raw materials as a declared branded ingredient characterizing the products. In just a few years, we achieved distribution in Europe, Asia, and Oceania, made products for premium chains but also premium private label products for international discount chains and supermarkets such as Lidl. The philosophy was and remains attentive to the consumer, ensuring clean label and high quality raw materials, as well as to the environment with reusable and fully recyclable packaging, reducing plastics.

Quality of ingredients, above all.

We started from a small artisan workshop. High consumer acceptance and market demands encouraged us to change the production method while keeping the quality of ingredients unchanged. The result? Highly competitive prices and very satisfied customers.

Premium Quality

Italian ground eggs, belgian chocolate, fruit purees and dried fruits for flavoring, ricotta cheese, milk, butter and cream.

Handcrafted look

Layers are intentionally irregular due to slow and careful manufacturing.

Natural ingredients

We avoid the use of chemical elements

No animal jelly or isinglass

We are respectful of religions and animals

Green Philosophy

We do not use palm oil. We use recyclable or reusable containers made of glass and paper


No flavorings, no colorings, no preservatives, no palm oil, no jellies, no monodiglycerides of fatty acids.

Ethics Code

In the linked PDF you will find our Code of Ethics, a promise we keep every day.